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Creating and Sustaining High Performance Work Systems

Rayner & Associates is a consulting and training firm specializing in the design and implementation of high performance work systems. We help organizations in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors achieve levels of performance unattainable using traditional management designs.

Today's businesses must quickly respond to the dynamic global marketplace, and Rayner & Associates helps organizations build this capability. Our Team Development Pathway outlines a complete change program-- from assessing the organization and developing a vision for the future, to establishing formal channels for team knowledge and learning. We also offer a full line of training programs, including Team Advisor, Team Start-Up, Team Performance, and Virtual Team, to provide you with the tools you need to continue and sustain your change effort. If your organization has specific issues it needs to address, we will customize our training programs or write, design, and produce new materials to fit your requirements.

Through both consulting support and training programs, Rayner & Associates is working toward a singular goal: to provide our clients with the tools, resources, knowledge, and internal consulting support necessary for them to continue the path to high performance on their own.